Fans Want Intimate Details

…And Betzy has them! Hosted by Miami’s #1 morning show host, Betzy Vasquez, this exclusive feature showcases the very latest and up to the minute entertainment news in one-of-a-kind effervescent style.

This daily feature is full of celebrity gossip and breaking stories, unplugged performances, laughs, tears-a front row and backstage access reality style akin to ‘A day in the Life of…’ celebrities like Shakira, Camila, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Thalia, Pitbull and many others.

Show Information

:30 and :60 second vignette

Delivery: FTP

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availability call us at 786-470-1643

Betzy Vasquez is a radio veteran whose charisma makes artists open up and share their most cherished memories and secrets. Born in Puerto Rico, Betzy began her career in radio at the tender age of 15. She has worked in radio promotions and been the official voice of many radio stations in her native land. In 2003, she moved to Orlando, FL where she had a very successful run in the mid-day block, and became one of the most important radio DJs in central Flordia. Now, she hosts the number one morning show in Miami, El Vacilon de la Gatita, and brings you her 1-on-1 access to artists and the latest entertainment news in #Trending!